Stretch marks is a “tug of war” between your skin and your growing belly!

Tips for minimizing stretch marks

Sorry to say this ladies, but acquiring stretch marks is something that you may not be able to avoid! Thank your parents for that one. Chances are that if your mother or father or any other close relative has stretch marks, then you will too! But don’t get too down and under the weather; there are ways that you can help to keep those seemingly unsightly lines at bay. Follow these tips, and perhaps you too can avoid the family curse!

Keep skin well oiled with nutritious base oil like Argan or sweet almond oil. Be conscious of maintaining adequate amounts of beneficial oils in your diet (like omega 3’s). Maintain good hydration habits (drink lots of water 5-8 cups per day).

Stretch marks are caused by the collagen fibres in your skin separating as the skin expands. If your collagen fibres are not elastic enough (due to dehydration and lack of nutrients), then you are more prone to developing stretch marks. We use the most nutritious oils in our stretch mark formulas to help increase the elasticity of your collagen fibres, thereby reducing the constant “tug of war” between your skin and your growing belly!

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